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14-02-12, 10:59 AM

sensor cleaning

I clean my own sensor its not hard or difficult but you do need the right tools. I would suggest getting a "Loupe" is really a neccessity, and a wet swap kit for stubborn dirt or an Artic Butterfly for light dirt. Some say use a rocket blower and yes they do work to an extent but the Problem with them is you can easily disturb dust elsewhere in the camera body.

Tip make sure the dust isn't on the lens obviously

How to

First of all don't rush it, be gentle at all times

Never ever try usings a cotton bud they leave strands of wool on the sensor

First use a clean environment ie kitchen , somewhere with the least amount of dust floating about. Remove the camera lens and set the camera to lift shutter (mirror lock up in menu). Place loupe over the hole where the lens goes and look for dust on sensor, then clean. Why use a Loupe? simply because you can see any dust spots exacly where they are , not guessing by taking a photo of a white sheet of paper and searching .
To wet wipe put a small drop of sensor cleaning fluid on a sensor cleaning swab (make sure you have correct size) and make one pass over sensor, check and repeat with another swap if still dirty.

Artic Butterfly when switched on and spun first for a few seconds to generates static electricity, switch off and pass brush over sensor and any light dust will attach to it. This will not disturb any other dust within the camera body.

View looking through Loupe at sensor ( red dot is from the other camera I took photo with). You can actually see 2 light dust spots on mine.

As you can see with the use of a loupe, sensor examination is made that much easier

Loupe with lights on

Artic butterfly

Why do your own? Well you don't have to be without your camera and you know the sensor is cleaned to your satisfaction. Also once you have the cleaning equipment there is zero cost for ever more except for buying replacement batteries and swabs etc.

Hope this is of some help and guidance as sensor cleaning is not hard . Just allow time and patience and the job is done.

just used Artic butterfly and those dust spots now gone


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14-02-12, 01:08 PM

Re: sensor cleaning

That's really useful thank you Barry.

Off to check if Amazon stock them.

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16-02-12, 08:07 PM

Re: sensor cleaning

I always clean my own, love my arctic butterfly!

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