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08-02-14, 08:13 AM

That went well, then...

So, it was about 9am yesterday when Workmate Friend said *I don't want to upset or insult you, but do you want a dog?"

No, of course I don't want a dog. I had a Willow for 13 years. I was now Too Old and besides I had developed a sort of freedom that you don't have with pets. The flat was Mine. I could put things down and know they'd be there when I came back. No, of course I didn't want a dog. I explained this to workmate friend.

What? No! That's not what I meant to say! NO!

He showed me a photo of a mainly white with patches 4 month old puppy dog. Well, that made the choice easier. I had already said that if ever I did get a dog it would not be a puppy but an old Greyhound. I didn't have the time to invest in training, in cleaning up wee and poo. I didn't want to have to re-design the flat to anti-dog it. And anyway, what about Twit? And I had holidays planned. No, sorry, of course I couldn't have a p

"Of course I will! Bless her!"

Hang about! Who's the driver here? Brain or heart?

I'll soon put a stop to this! Listen, Willow was special. But you've moved on. You're more mobile. You have new friends, shows, things to do. You CANNOT have this puppy. You KNOW in your head that it is not the right time, and it really isn't the right dog. Who runs the show? Your sensible, factual head or your easily manipulated, soft, brainless heart?

So, now I have a puppy, called Seren. So I guess we now know the answer to that question.

However. I am NOT going to be manipulated the way I was with Willow. We all know that I told her what I wanted and then she explained how what I wanted was what she had just done. NOT THIS TIME! I am boss in this house. Seren has a crate. And she will sleep in something when I am in bed.

Yeah, so she slept in my nose, my ear, the crook behind my knee, my armpit...but mainly in my way...

I'm lost...

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08-02-14, 05:12 PM

Re: That went well, then...

What an excuse, you can now claim you are talking to the dog and not yourself. Makes all the difference that neighbours know your insane and just not think it. Of course I would never give in like that.

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08-02-14, 10:14 PM

Re: That went well, then...

Great big softy, LOL. I'll let you make your own mind up whether I'm talking about you Gaz, Seren or the pair of you?

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10-02-14, 10:57 AM

Re: That went well, then...

Congratulations Gaz, i made the same mistake (erm, let me rephrase that,.. wonderful life changing experience) 2 years ago. Haven't looked back He gets me out and about everyday and i meet loads of new doggy people. And sometimes he lets me take photographs. Brilliant
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