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02-06-14, 05:08 PM

Insurance and repair companies

So...I dropped my A700 the other week, and managed to move either the sensor or the pentamirror so the image in the viewfinder was offset about 20% up and to the side from the image taken. It also smashed the diffuser and white card on the Very Expensive flash gun.
I took it in to a camera shop who charged 20 quid for an estimate, sent it away and eventually I got a quote for 175 quid for the camera, 130 for the flash gun.
Sent the quote to the insurers, who said it'd take ITRO 5 working days to sort...
I had a phonecall from the camera shop this morning. Apparently their repairers are complaining that they're having to hang on to my camera and flash gun.
What? They're getting 300 quids worth of business, they have about 600 quid of collateral in the shape of camera and flash gun...what the heck is with them?
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05-06-14, 04:01 PM

Re: Insurance and repair companies

Seems some folks just don't want the business. Hope you get it sorted OK.

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05-06-14, 08:04 PM

Re: Insurance and repair companies

Maybe they are trying to hurry you along because they need the 300?
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05-06-14, 09:22 PM

Re: Insurance and repair companies

I use home contents insurance with camera stuff as an extra. often far cheaper with same cover as a specialist camera insurer


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