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31-05-14, 09:57 AM

Dirty Sensor

Having spent a lot of time doing macro and close focus photographs I'd not realised that the Sony had gathered a LOT of dust on the sensor. It wasn't until I did some weather/cloud shots that I noticed the horrible spots on the imaged. What to do?

I read a few reviews and went and bought the Lenspen sensor cleaning kit with the loupe and special flexible sensor pen.

Apart from the fact the Sony has a semi-transparent mirror that has to be moved out of the way and gets in the way of the loupe, making the pen difficult to use, the whole process was very easy...nerve wracking but easy. I now have a sensor with just one tiny mark on that will probably blow away when I take the lens off and give the surface a blow with the included bulb blower.

I know Bazza cleans his sensors with an arctic Butterfly and loupe...what about the rest of you?
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05-06-14, 04:03 PM

Re: Dirty Sensor

Local camera shop does it on the spot for me for a tenner.

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05-06-14, 08:02 PM

Re: Dirty Sensor

I avoid it as much as I can but had to clean some spots off last year and used some lens cleaning liquid I bought in the US. Did the job ok.
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05-06-14, 09:17 PM

Re: Dirty Sensor

Check out my previous posting about sensor cleaning



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