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07-09-07, 12:46 AM

Please Read First!

Please note:

Yo! Photographer only provides this section for people to use at their own risk. We will not get involved in anyway, in any disputes, therefore you should take all necessary precautions as you see fit.

Some of these might be:
  • Only buy something from someone who you can collect the items from.
  • Do not hand over any money until you have inspected the items to be in full working order.
  • Get a receipt from the seller.
  • Only meet them at their home.
  • Tell a friend or family member where you are going.

In addition, to help protect you - carry out all negotiations in the sellers thread - only take it to PM once you have agreed on a deal. Leave feedback in the original thread once you have successfully purchased an item too.

  • Please describe the product clearly, and include photos of the actual product (not library pics).
  • Please include the asking price.
  • Once the item is sold, or no longer available, please post in the thread to say so.
  • Please only post an item for sale if it belongs to you - if you know someone selling something let them know they can join to post the kit up themselves if they wish.
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