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30-11-09, 11:22 PM


This is my first post. How could I have made this better? I think there is too much empty space.
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01-12-09, 12:30 AM

Re: Chicago

Cracking shot Alex, love the angle and focal point

Welcome to YoP btw
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01-12-09, 03:34 AM

Re: Chicago


Hi AlexW, and welcome to Yo.

I think in order for us to answer your question, we would probably need to know a bit more about you, and what you had to do to get the shot in the first place.
Things like: How long have you been taking photographs? What type of camera are you using? Is it point & shoot or DSLR? If it's a DSLR, then what lenses do you have? Did you use a tripod or were you hand-held? Were you restricted for space...could you have gone back any further? What's to the left of the tallest building? Could you have panned left a bit more to centre up the tower?

These sort of things would be a good starting place in order to suggest what you could have done differently. Who knows...depending on your answers, maybe that photograph is probably the best shot you could have got.

With tall buildings dominating an otherwise smaller scene, it's always a tricky one to get right, especially if you're close to the subjects you're trying to capture.
Obviously the further away you are, the easier it is to get everything in, without having to resort to crazy angles, like this photograph I took in New York a few years ago.

I had the same problem...too much empty space, but I really wanted both Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building in the shot, so I had to come at it from this crazy angle. It's not everybody's cup of tea, but I quite like it because it's slightly different from the normal skyline shots you get.

I see you've also gone for a slight tilt. Was this intentional?

I'm sure the others will offer you some suggestions to help you out, but one suggestion I would make, is that it might have been a better idea to introduce yourself in the introductions thread first, or even a bit more about you and your photography posted above, rather than just coming straight on and saying " here's a picture...how could I have made it better? "
It doesn't work like that.

We're all quite civil here...most of the time.

Just a suggestion


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03-12-09, 09:49 PM

Re: Chicago

MD's post, is as always, informative and useful!

I like the shot, but think there is a slight bit of blur from shake there. I don't think there's too much empty space either, I rather like it!

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