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23-10-12, 01:09 AM

A tip for photographers

On My D300 I have AF-C priority selection set to Focus (a1)
and AF-S priority selection set to Focus (a2)

So what am I trying to say? stop the camera shutter working before the lens
has focused if possible.

Experts do say one should push the shutter release button down half way, let the lens focus-then take the shot. Thats ok as far as it goes for static shots but try that with taking a picture of a bird in flight for example as with other moving subjects? not so clever. You either wait too long and and miss the moment or the picture is blurred

So by making a lens auto focus first (priority focus) before the shutter is released you stand a far greater chance of getting the subject correct. Some cameras may not have the means to do the setting, the above I have put so the settings are easy to find

I used to have a high percentage of shall we say not so good photos,but that is far better now. I hunted high and low about this but nowhere could I find this tip, eventually it was passed on to me years ago by another photographer. So passing it on here for what its worth.

Hope this makes some sort of sense



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