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15-10-12, 09:13 PM

Just for technical interest

As the heading says its not anything special EXCEPT it was taken on my first digital compact camera a Kodak CX3200 with only 2 meg pixels. Yes just 2, so how many pixels are really needed for a good clear photo.

As I said it is for those interested in pixel counts mainly not for photo content or anything else

(In the grounds of Warwick Castle)


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16-10-12, 12:40 AM

Re: Just for technical interest

You know what? I think I had the exact same camera! I can't remember for sure now tho

Here's a photo taken with it:

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16-10-12, 06:43 AM

Re: Just for technical interest

It is a simple fact that the best camera is the one you have with you. It doesn't matter if your NiCanony X500ii Super-reflex has 2 terrapixels if when you come across Warwick Castle it is sat at home in the camera bag. I may have linked to this before, in which case I'm sorry, and it may also be a bit sweary, for which sorry too, but it still makes a point.

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