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12-10-12, 08:19 AM

Camera pixels and how they affect taking a photo

Just read on another forum about the number of camera pixels and how they affect taking a photo. The simple explaination is the more pixels a camera has the more it will pick up movement within those pixels. So say for example the Nikon D800 with 36 pixels any movement within those pixels would show up more than a camera with 12 pixels as there is more room to move within that range.

This explains, to me at least, why taking a photo with a D800 has to be done with more attention to movement either by the camera or the subject.

Hope that makes some sort of sense. Have to give credit to Dave on another forum for my version of his posting.


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13-10-12, 12:47 AM

Re: Camera pixels and how they affect taking a photo

Too much to type just now (on my phone) but it's always good to understand the implications of 'pixel density'.

More pixels can (on same sized sensors) equal smaller pixel size and generally speaking larger pixels have many advantages in terms of gathering light.

It's part of the whole full frame sensor / crop sensor / noise / crop resolution choice at the end of the day based on what type of subject you want to shoot in what conditions and of course what format your end image is going to be displayed.
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