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13-09-12, 09:27 PM

How to chose the best dslr camera?

I am looking for a nikon dslr but I don't know which camera is best for me.

I am new to photography and I like to shoot stuff close (autofocus) and shoot objects with low shutter speeds

Is a dslr camera with an autofocus motor better? If so which one is the best?
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13-09-12, 10:56 PM

Re: How to chose the best dslr camera?

Welcome to the group

All cameras are now very good but it depends on your budget as to which camera to get. shooting "stuff close" I take to mean macro photography, and that depends on the lens not the camera. All cameras do auto focus( except bottom of range maybe) some lenses may not or can be switched between manual and auto, and low shutter speeds right down to "bulb" (staying open while shutter release button is depressed) setting if thats is what you are after.

Include in the purchase a lens if it doesn't come with a kit lens, and a memory card around 4gig is a good start with say a write speed of 45mb/s or more to stop "lag" between camera and card causing a stall when continous frame shooting.


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14-09-12, 01:20 PM

Re: How to chose the best dslr camera?

What is your budget? What is your background? Do you have any lenses?

We need more info
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