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03-09-12, 07:47 PM

Yes I am on about my camcorders yet again

Strange as it may seem I thought it was about time I had a play with the wireless remote control for my camcorders

Panasonic HC-X900M

So guess what? I have done, and I have to say for all the extra facilities given on the Panasonic HC-X900M they have put the infrared on the front of the camera, absolutely stupid if you as me if you want to hide somewhere behind the camera to do widlife shots.

Panasonic HDC SD600

Ok its an earlier camcorder but the infrared is actually on the back of the camera so you can stand behind it and do as above.

The remote range on both isn't that great,about 15 ft or thereabouts, Yes I know there are restrictions on distant one can transmit at but 15 ft is a bit mean.

Now for my stupid mistake, I couldn't get the remote to work at first, so did the obvious and changed batteries. Still didn't work useless things me thinks, then brainwave! I forgot to program the camcorders to on for accepting remote use.



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