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26-04-09, 09:07 PM

The colour of spring...

Ooops...sorry, this was meant to go in General Photography and i am happy for C&C. Maybe you can move it Azz?

Did my walk today and enjoyed the mild sun, fresh air, lambs and the colours of spring and summer on the way... Despite that, some nice sights but not in a context that would fit in a photographic frame. i did like the colour of this though...

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26-04-09, 10:46 PM

Re: The colour of spring...

That's gorgeous (and I think it's just fine in AOP!) Really love it!

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26-04-09, 11:32 PM

Re: The colour of spring...

Moved as requested.

Nice one BC
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26-04-09, 11:44 PM

Re: The colour of spring...

That is a stunning shot, the colour is superb.

Hope you had a nice walk

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27-04-09, 07:45 AM

Re: The colour of spring...

BC, did comment yesterday and then did not post as it was in AOP but I am now glad to say how much I like it. It captures one of those occasions when the sky is as interested as the ground and the rape looks beautiful even if it does play havoc with your nose.

That has dealt with what you have captured I think your choice of the angle for your shot is just right, it means the yellow is not a block but takes the eye into the shot, the reflection of the clouds and the undulation of the horizon all add to the pleasure. It is well exposed, the colours to me looking spot on.

I did not mean it was not worthy of being in AOP it is just that I do not comment on images placed there unless I make a mistake.
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27-04-09, 10:30 PM

Re: The colour of spring...

The contrast in colours is really nice! A good shot BC
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