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30-07-13, 06:59 PM

A few of my egg machines

Some new hens

These are 'point of lay' at just 20 weeks old or so. Hopefully in a few weeks they will be contributing to the egg count.

The Bluebell is a blue French Maran hybrid. They have a beautiful blue haze plumage making them an attractive addition to a flock. Should be good for 260/280 brown eggs a year

A Light Sussex Hybrid - The Sussex was bred to be a dual purpose bird. A large table bird (if it doesn't lay lol) laying 240 to 260 eggs a year

This is one our existing bunch of 2 year old Isa Brown hens. A Battery hen rescue but looking in good condition now. They're all still laying despite being past their 'optimum' battery age. A commercial genetically designed 'super layer' at 300+ eggs a year.

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31-07-13, 11:51 AM

Re: A few of my egg machines

I sure like these chicken pictures and the description of them...While I have lived on a farm for 58 years and tried poultry I was not successful as there are so many predators that they get killed as fast as I could get them...even full grown geese and turkeys....most to raccoons...some to weasels...please share some more, please...Shirley
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31-07-13, 12:08 PM

Re: A few of my egg machines

I have a grandparents book called "Poultry Keeping" with Nelson on the spine and embossed on the front is "The Hooby Book", which is not in the best condition but shows most of the old breeds and how they were looked after. The book itself has very little value but in the back page is a poem Called "looking Forward" written in my grandfather's hand who I never knew. So to me it has a great personal attachment.


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