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10-08-09, 07:36 PM

Re: Crystal Ball.....

Many Thanks for the feedback everyone! The frog was taken on the ball, but looked a bit boring so I added the halo, the flare etc.
As it was...

Moonstone, you can't really stop the little devils, particularly once they have learnt that the pipe - and water - is there. Best thing to do is to run water through very vunerable pipes for as short a time as possible, preferrably while you have someone keeping an eye on them. The ellies hear the water moving in the pipes and will dig them up to get at the water. Only really happens when it is very dry, once the rains come they find other ways of entertaining themselves!
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10-08-09, 07:49 PM

Re: Crystal Ball.....

Thanks for telling me, can't really blame them when they are thirsty, but it must be frustrating

Must be wonderful though, to be in such close proximity to such awesome animals on a regular basis.

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12-08-09, 01:27 PM

Re: Crystal Ball.....

I love the original! <3

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