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11-05-11, 08:19 PM

Re: Taking, or making photographs?

Personally i think you are never gonna get the perfect photo straight from the camera, like for example u may get a good focus, exposure etc right but the colour could be a bit off from what you see, or it may need cropping or sharpening a little, and this is where photoshop comes in handy its not about ruining the image it about making it more accurate and more pleasing on the eye than your camera is able to make it and making the picture you have taken more presentable.
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11-05-11, 08:35 PM

Re: Taking, or making photographs?

Photoshop is a tool, same as everything else

People have been editing pictures for centuries actually, painters would put a horse in a different background, or edit out a tree by just not painting it.

Photographers have hand coloured black and white photo's, fashion photographers have lengthened legs made boobs bigger, teeth whiter.

and now that photoshop has become the tool of the masses we do it.

That's not to say I don't subscribe to photo realism, I do. But there are times when something has to go, or colours popped etc.
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11-05-11, 09:18 PM

Re: Taking, or making photographs?

To a degree tweaking was done in the darkroom when printing images in the old (chemical) way. Photoshop allows tweaking but with enhanced technology it can be done to a higher degree and in a more comfortable environment.

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20-08-11, 05:22 PM

Re: Taking, or making photographs?

As its been said, the camera wont in most cases, take the exact scene,or whatever your planning itself, so you have to edit it, even if its only a little

When I first got into photography, I was against any sort of editing, thinking it was cheating, till one day some bloke on a forum said how awful my picture was, it was straight out the camera and crap tbh, and it made me think, although I was so annoyed at first I realised he was right, my picture did need some help.
Ever since, I now do levels, cropping,etc just the basic things. Im not into all the other stuff like layers, changing skys etc etc. But Im careful, sometimes cropping can change the whole picture, and spoil it, so I try to keep it as I saw the scene.

So yes, I do think its neccessary in most cases, though rarely I produce a decent pic where everything has just been right, but not very often
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