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04-01-14, 09:49 PM

Annoying lens focus clicks

I have been having a little play with this setup to test the distance to this gear
A Nikon D800 with a Nikon 12-24mm DX lens and a remote microphone Sennheiser MKE400, Plus mike extn lead and Sennheiser HD 215 earphones

With the camera built in mike one gets a clicking from the lens as it focuses which can be to say the least annoying if not totally ruining a video shoot.

So I was wondering how far away using this setup one should place the mike to avoid this focus click noise. So first of all I tried with the mike mounted onto of the camera, absolutely useless it picked up every click. So next I fitted a 6 inch (150mm?) bracket under the camera to see if that would be any better, again afraid still picked up the clicks . Have to say at this point the mike and camera were set at the most sensitive setting as there is no point in doing this test with both set at minimum level.

Ok only thing left is to place the mike further away and I found that around the 18 inch mark (45mm?) the mike didn't detect and lens focus noise clicks but I used a mike extn lead as well.

Ok so what is the point in posting this?

For those using the video side of a DSLR and the built in microphone this is something to consider which may well get overlooked, and then on viewing back on a computer the whole video is ruined. Ok turn the sound down? No as you cut out other noises such as animal noises etc. which you want to keep.
My advise would be to get an external microphone and extn lead and don't forget to also get a wind jammer muffler as well to cut out most not all wind noise.

Obviously different mikes -camera-lenses would need to be individually checked for lens focus clicks and mike distance.

I think a good idea is to test in a quite place the day before videoing.

Hope this is of some help

You can easily hear the lens changing focus on this short video


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