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30-10-13, 08:22 PM

monitor v computer v hertz problem solved

I have a panasonic HC-X900m camcorder from Amazon when they were first available. Coming from Amazon it might be the one I got was not designed for the UK market, but that is a bye the bye.

The problem I had was whatever I did when panning on scenery in the middle distance (ie 60ft away for example) the picture stuttered. I had what I would call reasoned advise such as panning too fast amongst other ideas.

It wasn't that at all so please let me explain how I found out the problem.

After doing a short video of my grounds I put the SD card into our main lounge TV and it was perfect, no juddering nothing. Yes strange ? I thought so too but I did notice the TV worked on 50 hertz !!!!!!! yes there was the problem, computer monitors usually work on 60 hertz and there the answer lies.

Luckily with my Dell IPS monitor and a MSI 560 GTX graphics card in the computer I could reduce the hertz down to 50 instead of the preset 60 hertz even against monitor advise.

Result very smooth panning as described above. Right or wrong be it the graphics card or the monitor that allowed me to reduce the number of hertz I don't have a clue, BUT IT WORKED


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