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11-06-13, 03:30 PM

Remote shutter release

Just received a Phottix wired/wireless remote shutter release Model no Plato N8 which is for the Nikon range of cameras. Have to say I am impressed with it very much. Ok it cost 40 which may seem a lot but what attracted me to it was the fact it is not an infrared remote line of sight unit like many( I even tried it around the corner of my garage). It can be wire or wireless- it uses AAA batteries for both transmitter and receiver- and has a claimed range of 100 mtrs which I don't doubt as I tried it so far from the camera I couldn't see the camera had worked until I returned to it.
It can also be fitted to the hot shoe as well.

One product I would recommend if looking for a remote control unit


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11-06-13, 08:52 PM

Re: Remote shutter release

I currently have 3x IR remotes for the Sony. Mainly because they are so small I'm forever losing them. However I'm also looking at a wireless/wired multifunction remote for timed long exposure/multi-exposure works.

I'd be happier still if the A57 could be tethered, but it doesn't look as if that's likely to happen
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