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11-07-14, 11:53 PM

found again nikon coolpix camera

Some time ago, in fact looking at the receipt 20 sept 2012 which was with the camera, ( I always keep the receipt in the camera box) I found the camera again in the house move. OK it was only a cheap compact Nikon Coolpix L26 but I had left a SanDisk 32GB SD card in it as well.

So why on earth should I buy this camera when I already have far better? All I can confess to is having a mad moment and having some coupons from my credit card company as I had accumulated so many points and asked for photographic coupons instead of cash.
So for the last 22 months this camera has been forgotten and never to my poor memory been used

Thinking on it I do remember why I purchased it! at the time I thought it a good idea to keep it in my car for that famous phrase "just in case" but it only got as far as a kitchen cupboard.

It is now just a case of carrying it to the car and putting it in the glove box, SOMETIME OR OTHER in the future.



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