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Mandé Daguerre
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25-01-09, 11:57 PM

Burns Illuminated

Hi folks

As you may have heard, it's been 250 years since the birth of Scotland's favourite Son, Rabbie Burns, and to celebrate this date, many festivities are happening all around Scotland ( and probably many other parts of the World too ) this Sunday evening.
This particular exhibit was in George Square in Glasgow over the last few nights, and consisted of a fantastic laser show telling the story of Burns' life, projected onto the City Chambers building, which is huge BTW




4 - This is a Statue of Burns himself

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26-01-09, 01:16 AM

Re: Burns Illuminated

Number 3's my fave, brill composition and colours
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26-01-09, 08:47 AM

Re: Burns Illuminated

Love 3 as Azz said,composition and colours, but my fave is 4 because you have the Burns Statue in the foreground.Great set.

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26-01-09, 10:30 AM

Re: Burns Illuminated

they are a wonderful set mande and i really like the last best and love the lighting in the background
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26-01-09, 06:38 PM

Re: Burns Illuminated

There really great MD, love the last one too, the blue is fantastic, well caught.
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27-01-09, 10:07 AM

Re: Burns Illuminated

They are all great I was hoping someone would have some photos of the City Chambers from the weekend.
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