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03-10-08, 10:38 PM

Re: White 24 hour Flower

Where about's in Southern Spain is it? I'm sooooo jealous, one day I want to live in Spain, don't think it will happen for many years though unfortunately.
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04-10-08, 03:57 AM

Re: White 24 hour Flower

Paddi, my sister lives near a small town (village) called C/Canta Maria del Cerro, the nearest proper town is Antequera. She lives in the mountains above Maliga in the Granada area of southern Spain, about 50 minuets car drive from both the Maliga and Granada airports.

Personally I think it far to hot and arid and would want to be further north to be comfortable but she likes it there although she finds it too hot in the summer and complains it is cold during the winter, I just hate the arid bare land.
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Nikon P80, Plant, Spain, White flower

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