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Hi everyone, I have always been interested in photography, ever since I got my hands on a camera when I was a little girl. It all started because I was very shy and would rather take a picture than be in it! Now I just love taking pictures, some come out good and others, well, they don't!
But I will keep on practicing, and with the help of all you guys on here, things can only get better!

Name: Eileen
Occupation: Im a Cook in a Nursery
Interests: Photography, Computing, Cooking
Cameras Owned: (D)SLR. Point & Shoot or Compact Camera.
Area of Specialism or Interest: More interested in taking Landscapes and people.
I'm: In a LTR
Kit 1: Nikon D40x
Nikon 18-55mm
Nikon 55-200mm
My Compact Camera: Sony DSC-W70


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    yes i do

    yes i do

    23-02-10 09:57 PM

    Psssssssssssssssssssst hello guys. . .how do I post a pic or two??????
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    26-06-08 04:35 PM

    Hello Eileen , welcome back hun xx

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