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About me

Being in my early 70s this section could become a book but I will keep it brief. I am married to Alan and have been since 1956, we have no children but at the moment we own 4 dogs all Norwegian Elkhounds.

In our younger years we were both in the variety theatre and when we finished that, many theatres closed, not our fault I donít think, we started our own business, initially tyre and exhaust and then we changed it to camping and caravanning which we continued until we retired.

Naturally whilst we were working in the theatre we had time between jobs to sample loads of other types of work. I did wirework, bookkeeping and ran a staff bureau with a friend I also did some modelling and film work. Alan did modelling too and he still works as a cameraman on occasion specialising in speedway.

Bought my first 35mm camera in the 1970s and have had patches of using a camera and long periods of not ever since. Now I am unable to show my dogs I have returned to the camera and I am hoping I will be able to improve my ability with both the camera and post camera skills.

Name: Jackie
Cameras Owned: (D)SLR. Point & Shoot or Compact Camera. Digital Camcorder.
Area of Specialism or Interest: Dogs, plants and architectural detail
I'm: Married
Kit 1: Pentax K7
Pentax 60-250mm
Sigma 105mm Macro
Pentax 12-24mm
Pentax 50mm 1.4
Sigma 50-500mm (Bigma)
Kit 2: Pentax K20d
Lens as other body
Other Kit: I also have a Pentax *istd SLR & Optio & OH and I have 3 Sony Handycam 3CCD and an assortment of still film cameras and tri and mono pods + all the other stuff you collect and would not be without or never use.
My Compact Camera: Nikon P80
My Wish List: Some sort of remote flash system, and a ring flash


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    22-06-10 08:00 PM

    didnt want to take the thread of topic but was intrested in a post you done;

    ****I'd go with a GWP that was castrated young and therefore grown too tall****

    Bit confused by that - why would castration make a dog grown taller
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    14-10-09 02:23 PM

    Hope you're keeping well Jackie? (((hug))) not seen you around much.

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    18-05-09 01:46 AM

    I really admire your photography.The attention to detail that represents a lot of your work is refreshing. Your photographs are always well composed & exposed.
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    25-11-08 08:11 PM

    Thank you for you kind comment on my picture, I appreciate it very much.

    Alan aka WildWalker
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