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Conversation Between DaisyChains and Angela Louise


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    15-10-08 09:32 PM

    Thankyou Angela
    Goodness iv not been on DA for ages. The photo is mine, but the mal isnt. We are on a wiating list for one, but we are holding off getting one untill the time is right for us


    15-10-08 07:24 PM

    We have a great range of m emebrs here so im sure you will settle in and make lots of cyber friends very quickly!
    I used to have a friend at school called Angela Louise - pretty name
    Angela Louise

    Angela Louise

    15-10-08 07:22 PM

    Hi! Thought i might pop on here and see if i can find some inspiration to use with my Canon 400D. I've been admiring your photos elsewhere as well, they're very very good.


    15-10-08 07:17 PM

    Hello Angel! Welcome to YoP If you need any help at all just pop up a post.

    Sam x
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