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15-06-11, 09:42 PM

Re: I can't decide which one

Originally Posted by Zoundz View Post
Love them! <3 Love Black Beauty - he's just gorgeous <3

Think number 5 of Charlie (and after that number 1) would sell to me if I was looking at an adoption site. I think number 5 is the best in terms of colour, highlights and sharpness.

Thanks Zoundz, number 5 seems to be popular and it has my vote

Originally Posted by KenTT View Post
I like the Charlie1 picture the best, the only slight niggle is the white sky but that can't always be helped.

Thanks KenTT, yes your right, a nice blue sky really helps, but not always available to us

Originally Posted by Phil View Post
Interesting task - love to hear more about the rescue one day....

Can't vouch for horses but rescue photographs are a funny one as it depends very much on your tactic - do you want the animals looking their best for prospective owners or do you want the shots to convey 'in need' of rescue ?

Photography wise - (of the Charlie's) Number 5 gets my vote - composition works well and the colour on the coat is much richer.

Blaze & Quincey are an impressive duo although the image is a little soft. What are they ?

Mr Patch - where do I get the forms !

Black Beauty - again very impressive looking perhaps lacking a little contrast ?

Jo - cows have the most expressive eyes - I'm sure we used to hace a cow group on here lol

Quincey - Again a bit soft perhaps but what a lovely looking horse.
Thanks Phil, the photo's are just for the web site and when i say adoption, it's just a money raising exercise, people pay 7.00 PA to adopt a animal, they only get photo, cert & birthday card. the animals for already in their forever home at the rescue, I think i'm going with No 5

Originally Posted by Moonstone View Post
No1 or 5, hope he finds a special home soon, he's a beauty . Blaze and Quincey are just gorgeous

I do some shots for a dog shelter, and I love it, it's sad, rewarding and fun, all at the same time
Thanks Moonstone, glad to say Charlie will always have a home at the rescue, he was so badly treated it would be unsafe to re-home him with some other than the special people they have at the rescue, he now has behavioural issues

Originally Posted by BlackCloud View Post
I don't usually comment in the animal threads and tend not to look through them as I have no idea how to photograph animals myself. However, just to say I thought the pictures looked fine, but more to the point, what a great project to be involved in and how nice to be 'the official photographer'! Great!
Thank you BlackCloud, it's a very special place and helping out gives me other purpose in life, as well of course my own animals, which arrive here unexpectedly i think it's because people know i can't say no to animals in need

Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
Charlie 1 for me, but I agree with all the valid points made above. Nice set and well done you for caring!
Thanks Grumpy

Originally Posted by Skyline View Post
Black Beauty looks a lovely horse. Well done to you for what you are doing.
Thanks Skyline

Originally Posted by Cakey View Post
I love Joe ...keep up the good work
Thanks Cakey

Originally Posted by babs View Post
I would say charlie 5
Thanks babs, i like charlie 5 too!!!
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